Google Cloud normally recommends using tools such as SendGrid to send emails from Cloud Functions triggered by Cloud Pub/Sub. Some organizations for business reasons may not wish to use a third-party for sending emails. Also, you may want your emails to come from a static IP address which would require the use of a higher level tier of such services that comes with additional costs.

pubsub_sendmail is a Google Cloud Function that can be triggered by a Google Cloud Pub/Sub which then sends an email using Python smtplib to the desired recipient. …

Anthos Config Management + Cloud Source Repositories + MicroK8s
Anthos Config Management + Cloud Source Repositories + MicroK8s

Anthos Config Management enables you to automate policy and security at scale for your hybrid and multi-cloud Kubernetes deployments. At a high level, you commit your Kubernetes code to a central Git repository and Anthos Config Management deploys the code to all of the registered clusters. In short, Anthos Config Management allows you to bring GitOps practices to the world of multi-cloud container management.

Anthos Config Management is supported on GKE-based clusters and also on Anthos attached clusters, a deployment option that extends Anthos’ reach into Kubernetes clusters running in other cloud environments. While I normally work with GKE clusters…

Static web platforms like Hugo have become popular because of their ability to produce websites that do not require web servers. With static web platforms there are no operating systems to patch and no web server software to maintain. There are, however, various operational complexities. You may want to version control your postings, host your web site on a content delivery network (“CDN”) and provision an SSL certificate.

You can address many of these process matters by using a Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment pipeline. These pipelines enable developers to rapidly innovate by automating the entire deployment process. …

Jeffrey S. Levine

I am a Customer Engineer for Google. I help organizations evaluate and adopt Google Cloud. These articles reflect my views and not those of my employer.

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